29 May 2005

How I Treat Spam

So, I've collected interesting junk e-mail titles and needed to do something with them. Seeing as how many of them offer advice or important information, I sculpted the following poem:

Enter Today
Tip of the Day:

This is one you haven’t seen, Sleazy Suck:
Sex-crazed woman attacks man in an apple.

We found one that’s even better:
Pandas have more fun in the bedroom.

Good news regarding the economy:
Hardcore virgin eyes send a strange but true kiss.

News report for 1 year:
Enlarged language to attract cheap fear of women.

It’s all in how one April youth overcomes free research.
Lettuce put this on the list of things you’re getting,
and how you keep rockin’ and rollin’ Esmerelda askew.

—Kyle Stich, 28 May 2005


Robert Casserly said...

Check this out:


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of taking spam and for once turning it into something useful--like poetry!Maybe junk mail does have a place in this world.


Kyle Stich said...

I could still live without it, though. lol