21 May 2005

Time Travel Solution

I think I figured out how to work the time travel scene into my novella. In fact, it should help with the overall story development. What's the key? A crazy old editor with a special coin minting press. What year would you like to travel to? Not only will Norman Blakey provide the protagonist with a way to go back in time, but with an ally/guide once he gets there.

My main trouble with the story now is painting an authentic picture of San Fransisco during the Fifties poetry renaissance...


Robert Casserly said...

This website might help you learn more about San Fran in the 1950s: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Francisco_Renaissance

Anonymous said...

Is your novella set in the fifties poetry renaissance? Sounds interesting. Unfortunately I can't help you with what san fran was like then, I've never even been there.