11 May 2005

What a day!

Two major events take place today: SPEWS open mic and the Awards Ceremony. I need some poetry or prose to read at the open mic. I'm throwing around these two poems:

Waiting 1

Three older ladies
the oldest closer to death
the youngest closer to birth
than the one in between
All stroll from the salons
fingers stretched like paws
on cats lazing in bay windows
All wearing fancy red hats
but no clothes to match
jeans, sweats, and tees

clank-clanking heels
flip-flopping things
shush-shushing sneakers

Pretty nice day for writing
in a vine-deficient gazebo
as the sound of traffic buffers through a restaurant
as the smell of Earl Grey and crumpets
from the little old ladies--
tea party in front of their gallery
slash framery
slash pastime
slash culture
while their brown-striped pit
slash boxer
slash mutt
stares me down before licking its leg

--Kyle Stich, 18 March 2005



Five blocks walking south where
Six friends drive from Tulsa
Seven torpedo-barreled mire
Eight frankincense ridiculous blunt

Never mind it makes no sense

A nervy wench chases dear mice
Be ye not in the world as modern
Sea lions shop for shells in the Serengeti
Dee got half my ball pics

Operators need love too

Plus size thumb rubbers gone
Minus the hair on Billie Holiday's barrette
Times before the other time that we…
Divided skittles for
one old dog
two cooing tweens
three tufts on Teddy's head

--Kyle Stich, 10 May 2005

The latter requires some serious work, but I think the kids will like it. It's kind of a crowd pleaser.

I dressed especially nice this morning, even wearing those thin dress socks that feel more like pantyhose than Dr. Scholl's. At least, I'll look good strutting across the stage to receive the award for Outstanding Graduating Senior Majoring in Writing.


Robert Casserly said...

Hi Kyle! Welcome to the blogosphere.

Regarding that pit/boxer that stared you down, here's a trick to win a stare contest with any dog... don't stare into their eyes, focus hard on the spot BETWEEN their eyes... it looks the same from the dog's persepctive, but decreases the intensity on your end. Works every time!

Luke Skywalker said...

Nothing like three older ladies and Earl Grey....ahhhh...I can smell the mix of bergamot and flowery perfume as it permeates the scene. Was it really it's leg that the dog was licking though?

Anyway, I prefer "Waiting 1", although they both constitute damn fine poetry!

While I'm at it, you may want to check out my web site, It is pretty close to being done. (Maybe you can give me some editing tips)


Kyle Stich said...

Thanks for the advice, Robert. I'll use it as often as possible.

And, Luke, I like your site a lot. I noticed a few minor errors, which I will send you when I have a chance to scrutinize it.