31 May 2005

Word Count Poem

As promised, here's the first draft of the poem composed with Word Count:

Word Count SPEWS

explain Robert plus
federation Maria(h) thirteen
beattie Anita selects
lakes Robyn mineral
champion Tim enemy
localities Delan(ie) formats
females Emily filling
mendip Shelly industrially
pull Chris somehow
omitted Sara squadron
handy Jeremy unexpectedly
symbolism Shannon scars
interpersonal Kyle mantelpiece
lazy Bryan denying
called John enough
clashfern Mada mannion

Kyle Stich, 30 May 2005

Keep in mind this is my initial draft. I'm considering line breaks and line order. When entering each crewmember's name, I tried their spelling first, but some weren't in the archive, Mariah and Delanie for example. So, I used the closest spelling possible. In the case of Mariah, I used Maria and indicated it with a (h).

Play with Word Count. It's addictively fun.


Robert Casserly said...

GFun! My Word Count poem:

Software November Break
Bush admit specifically agents smell denied,
Faith establish facts requires membership.
America ensure oil opportunity lines,
Acknowledging entrusted cheat.
Officially, journalists fraud nasty,
Possibility conservative reduce vote.
Subtle skilled necessity republican forming.

Anonymous said...

I like your word count poem with SPEWS staff names. It has definate potential! I think the way that you handled differences in name spellings w/ (h) works fine, because then it can definately be read more than one way.


Kyle Stich said...

What words did you enter, Robert?

Robert Casserly said...


Enter any of the words from each line, and you'll be at or near the sequence that resulted in each line of the poem.

For example, enter "november" and it is sandwhiched by software and break, which I found amusing given all the concerns about how electronic voting machines seem to be error prone. And so forth,