07 June 2005

I Beat the Cancer

The cancer brought on by my exposure to academic asbestos, that is. My creative juices floweth over, medium rare steak of ideas, Dionysian rich wine of vigor, (add more metaphors here).

I thought of a story about a man who suffers marital problems because of his mental affair with Jazz/Blues great, Billie Holiday. His wife can't take one more moment of his nighttime stirrings, the phrase "You know I love you more than my wife, Billie baby" repeated over and over in his sleep. Of course, this is far more overstated than the refined version, but an author should get down his inspiration instead of letting it fizzle into the aether.

Then there's that song by ????, popular about 6-8 years back, the one with the line about "tell me all your thoughts on God, 'cause I'd really like to meet Her." When this song first came out I felt it was the dude's attempt to win points with the ladies, similar to the guy who takes Women's Studies classes because the class is filled with "lovelies." Sure, I enjoyed hearing a more enlightened view, an expanded view of the possibilities of God, even though I choose a spiritual Pantheon over some omnipotent deity. But, why "Her"?

"Her" simply replaces one half of the generally accepted human halves at the helm. How inviting is that, to replace one authority with another? I enjoy the concept of the Celtic god, ???, who may have been male but displayed every skin tone, hair color, and iris differentiation at once. It's a step closer to my beliefs on this beast called "God." So, how did these thoughts inspire me? I thought of a great poem title: "God Is A Hermaphrodite."

Now, that I've told all my readers about my story/poem ideas, I may have ruined them actually coming into fruition. As SOU Creative Writing Professor Craig Wright says, "If you have an idea, don't tell everyone about it; write it. Otherwise, all you're doing is talking about it."

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Robert Casserly said...

Dishwalla--that was the name of the band that had that "tell me all your thoughts on God..." line.