09 June 2005

Persistent Publishing

I started this post to provide a reason for me to write on a daily basis. I've done little more than post new commentary on the nature of poetics, grammar, and elements of fiction. But, what I want to do more than anything is publish. Technically, I'm publishing right now. Every post on this blog gets my words out to the world, even if only a small handful read it.

I continue to force myself from bed every morning at 6:00 a.m., stumble stuck-eyed into the shower, pour steamy coffee into my extra-large mug, and check my e-mail before logging on to Blogger. I'm most amazed that I always have something relatively pertinent to say about writing. Today's subject: starting my own writing service.

ROGUE WRITING SERVICES will offer editing, consultation, and ghostwriting—in that order. This means I need to really dive into some research. I've already checked out what the government requires of a small business (i.e. licenses, names, insurance), so I only have to file forms. Now I have to call other private editors to compare prices, because I have no clue what I should charge or how. For instance, what do I charge for editing a brochure or pamphlet? What do I charge for a manuscript, both editing and writing?

I can't wait to generate some business cards and spread them around town. I might even take out ad space. And, I'll certainly advertise on this blog. I'm most concerned with investing in a business that might not take off. I've resolved to not let my concerns hold me back as they often do. I'm going to do it. So loyal readers, pass the word: Rogue Writing Services, Rogue Writing Services, Rogue Writing Services...


Robert Casserly said...

Places to find out what others are earning for editing/writing:


Robert Casserly said...

And maybe consider finding a talented but new-to-the-game graphic designer to team up with. Stormy Ballenger comes to mind... she is looking for freelance gigs, me thinkest.

People who want/need a writer/editor often want/need a designer, too. If you have an associate, you may also benefit from he/she passing along referrals for editing/writing to you, and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

Yay for the Rogue Writer!!! Sorry, I'm really tired but felt like posting before I climb on the plane.


Kyle Stich said...

Thanks for the great leads, Robert.

As for finding a freelance graphics designer, my timing couldn't be better. I have a good friend here in Ashland who started looking for jobs. He's not new to the game, highly experienced, and I already know we work well together.

His site is http://www.blissbeat.com/