26 July 2005

Blogs I Read

So, I haven't broken down to add links to my sidebar. I'm lazy and haven't spent the time to figure out how to do this. I'm sure I can figure it out, but that takes time I don't currently possess. Heck, I don't even have a picture of myself posted next to my name.

At any rate, I thought I'd share some of the links I read most days (I generally read them in the order I'm giving to you here, mostly due to how they sit in my bookmarks folder):

1. 2 hot chiks, by Theresa and Lu
This blog, written mostly by Theresa, offers up some exciting discussions on matters ranging from gender issues to sex positivism to playing life-questions tag with other bloggers. Theresa's prose engages the readers with a definite voice. This woman has opinions and is not afraid to share them, as well as not afraid to make you giggle along the way.

2. Weird Events: Daily News of the Weird, Strange, and the Bizarre, by The Voice
The Voice surfs the Web to gather all the strangeness of the world. Although The Voice occasionally makes grammatical and symbolic errors, he truly brings a plethora of stories worthy of Dib's (of Invader Zim fame), favorite television show: Mysterious Mysteries. He reports on crop circles, ancient civilizations, recent sasquatch sightings, spontaneous gender switching in Thailand, and lava sledding in Hawaii.

3. {lime tree} Practicalities Are Possibilities, by Kasey Mohammad
This professor of poetry writing and Renaissance literature writes of matters poetic. Don't let some of his stuffier, loftier discussions of poetry scare you off. He occasionally writes some zany stuff, as well as provides a list of his latest iPod listens. His sidebar lists dozens of other fellow poet bloggers, especially those most associated with the flarf or modern avant-garde movements in poetry.

4. Chatterboxing, by Robert Casserly
Robert tries to post a new poem everyday, most of which reflect a rich relationship between him and Nature. Robert is the director of Friends of the Animal Shelter in Jackson County, Oregon, and one of the few people I call friend.

5. PostSecret, by Frank
Speaking of Robert Casserly, I must thank him for sending me the link to my favorite blog: PostSecret. The operator of this blog solicits postcards to be sent to him, postcards telling us about some secret they've had no other outlet to share. Some of the cards are sad, some sick, and some are just plain funny. The secrets range from running a razor along hidden parts of the body to never having cum inside a woman at the age of thirty-five. Add this blog to your list, and check it once a week, as new content is usually posted every Friday.

6. Vodka-Yogurt, by Adam Deich
Adam is a rising star in the world of movie criticism. His elitist attitude toward films provokes honest reviews of movies old and new alike. He tends to watch more serious or artistic films, so don't go here for his opinion on the latest Adam Sandler flick.

A Few Sex Blogs:

Unafraid to admit I cruise for blogs containing sexual writings, I'm including two I read regularly. These sites are not porn portals; they are genuine people writing about genuine experiences:

7. A Perfect Marriage, by Ed and Sue
This UK couple, mostly Ed, writes about their relationship, often delving into their sexual habits. They steer toward the vanilla, but often lighten my day with their anecdotes and love for one another. At the time of this post, Ed is home alone and missing his Sue.

8. Housewyfe and Caveman, by Housewyfe Wendy
Recently awarded the "Jane Says" note of quality, Housewyfe Wendy relays how she deals with an overactive sex drive in her relationship to a mostly uninterested caveman of a husband (a term she uses affectionately). Her prose is superb, and every post a delight to read. I have dubbed Wendy "Queen of the 'gasms," as she refers to most orgasms with the affix—assgasm, handgasm, mouthgasm. And, the artwork she includes...where does she find all those great paintings?

9. Joy: Diary of a Sex Addict, by Joy
The title says it all. Joy doesn't write as often as she used to, but I still check in on her. She recently took time off from writing because she was busted not controlling her urges in a place too public.

10. Viviane's Sex Carnival, by Viviane
Viviane only came to me in the last week while reading another blog. Her topics on sexuality range from personal to scientific to political.

So, there you have it—my daily blog read. There is one other I check on occasionally to see if she's posted (Shannon), but chose not to list here, as registration is required to read it. Enjoy exploring the sites that have caught my attention, and if you see anything I might find interesting, based on what I posted here, feel free to send the link. I'm always on the search for interesting writers.


Anonymous said...

This is quite a list, Kyle. But diverse reading is a good thing. Thanks for including me even if I haven't updated in a while!


theresa said...

Quite a good list. I checked out a few, and when I get more time I'll check out the rest. So far, your reviews have been right on the money!

Thanks for the nice review of our blog.

Kyle Stich said...

Shannon—How could I possibly exclude your blog. I bite at the bit for your next post.

Theresa—Thanks for writing a blog so well that it elicits such a nice review ;)

Adam said...

Thanks for the link, Kyle, it's much appreciated. Especially since Kasey Mohammad recently removed his link to my blog; I'm gonna miss all that traffic. :'(

Kyle Stich said...

No problem, Adam. I like reading your reviews, but maybe it's because I like your tastes in movies...

ed said...

Thanks for inclusion in the list.

I remember the joys of fiddling about with Blogger templates! If you ever do add a blogroll I would highly recommend blogrolling.com - you don't have to delve into the Blogger template whenever you want to make a change.

Viviane said...

Wow, thanks for including me in your daily read!

Kyle Stich said...

To all who thanked me for adding them to my daily reading list, thanks for writing your blogs with such flair, such style, such substance.

Ero Lust said...


Do you know if Housewyfe Wendy still has a blog? I only get wrong links :(