05 July 2005

Caffeine and Creativity

As some of my loyal readers may have noticed, I didn't post anything yesterday. What can I say? It was the Fourth. Although fireworks and parades aren't really my thing, my children demand to experience the festivities. I'd be a cruel father if I denied them their simple pleasures. Another factor comes into play in regards to my lack of post, a lack of coffee.

Every morning, I wake, turn on the prepared coffee maker, take a shower, pour a steamy hot cup of Jane, and sit down to write. By the time I'm on my second cup and gone through other blogs and checked my e-mail, I'm teeming with ideas for this blog. Without the coffee, my routine is shot and I feel like I'm playing pin the tail. Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe not with needing caffeine but with needing a routine to generate ideas? I just can't seem to get the train a-rolling without some morning momentum.


theresa said...

I definitely need routine to function, whether it involves creative endeavors or simply paying the bills and doing laundry.
... Also, I've discovered that sex helps.

Kyle Stich said...

Oh yes, sex does help, at least when I'm trying to write about something other than lusty ponderings, then it helps to wait until after I write. But, if I'm trying to write something else, I need to take care of my "needs" in order to clear my mind so as to focus on the task at hand.

Anonymous said...

Routine and outlet always helps. I wouldn't worry about not posting--look at me--it's been weeks as you are well aware. I didn't go to a parade or anything, but I did get to a barbecue (where almost all conversation took place in Spanish). Talk about confusing at times.