06 July 2005

The Crime News Syndicate

Have you heard the latest conspiracy theory?

News Networks Responsible for Crime Wave

Without crime, the media would have nothing newsworthy to report. "If it bleeds, it leads." Most of us have heard this saying, but how many have considered the hidden message, how many have reflected on how often reporters are in the right place at the right time? Can you say Superman or Spiderman?

No one seems to question why reporters get the scoop. Perhaps they make the scoop.

Recent sources have come forth with incriminating evidence to support this theory. Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch head up all criminal activity within and without of U.S. borders. Why? Because U.S. residents love drama and reality television, why else?

Who wants to watch countless stories about how communities have come together to reclaim a creek or open their homes to the homeless? Only a small sector of the population likes feel-good stories.

We demand blood, death, and general chaos. It helps us feel alive. It makes it look as if we make a difference around the globe. It creates a need for law enforcement; the more people you arrest, the more it seems like crime actually persists. Without blood, there's no news to report; without news to report, there's no need for reporters, just writers, and who wants another of those in the world.*

*The previous message is my attempt at satire and not intended to be taken seriously, yet it is food for thought. (This disclaimer was provided for those who aren't already familiar with my sense of humor.)


theresa said...

Some sad truths exist in your fiction.

Reality TV will cease only when the ratings fall. From what I've seen, it's mostly pathetic unbelievable human drama.

Some of the real life horrors that I've borne witness to are too frightening for most people to believe. For all the beauty that exists within us, we humans are capable of brilliant cruelty.

Kyle Stich said...

Well spoken, Theresa.