24 July 2005

A Joke

So, this one boy taps another on the shoulder and says, "So, this guy says, 'Waiter, waiter! There's a fly in my soup!' The waiter tells the customer, 'That's okay. The spider in your salad will get it.'" He ends with the classic jokester pose, arms outstretched and a foot kicked out.

The other child reaches for another chip with a smirk, and the jokester again taps him on the shoulder saying, "Come on! You gotta think that's funny." With nothing more than the wretched smirk, the jokester turns to the birthday boy for support, turns to Baylin Smurf.


theresa said...

Great photos. Fun post.

Photos can be interesting jumping-off points for writing exercises. I only managed one decent bit of Flash Fiction. It was based on a photo of a bunch of guys hanging out around an old car.

Anonymous said...

I love using photography/artwork for writing. Once, I wrote a piece for an entire art series in a gallery between classes. Whether or not I like what comes out of the exercise, it always gives me ideas and gets me writing.


Kyle Stich said...

Theresa & Shannon—I wish I could say that the pictures were an exercise in flash fiction, but I merely retold a true story. Of course, I doctored the pics and the joke wasn't told at that precise time, but it works.

But, that gives me an idea for my next post (next being the 27th of July's post).