22 July 2005

Logo Designs

Making Logos

A hat like Robin Hood,
a Robin Hood hat
and the feather,
the feather is a quill
with a dripping nib
a nib dripping
from the Robin Hood hat
resembling a pot of ink
where nib kisses ink.

Kyle Stich, 21 July 2005

I've been throwing around ideas for logos for my company, Rogue Writing, with little luck. One image seems to pervade my conceptualization: a pen of sorts. I'm avoiding this cliche, this trite symbol that says "I write." But, people find comfort in cliche. They like to put things in tidy boxes. Firefighters wear helmets with pull-down face guards; police don the blue threads; nurses and doctors sport scrubs; construction workers clunk around in their tool belts, nails clenched between their teeth.

So, why should I resist the pen imagery so strongly? People will see the image and know what I do. Therefore, I shall break down and use it, but I'll gap the bridge between the ancient scribe and the surreal writer of today with a logo that presents the archer hat and quill blended with an ink pot.

But, this is my first real attempt at conceptualizing a logo. Let me know what you think, and feel free to suggest a wholly different design.

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