19 July 2005

My Excuse

I need to get a second air conditioner installed in my house. Anyone living in Southern Oregon knows what I'm talking about.

Tomorrow, I shall write about the new badge of honor/privilege: iPods.


Anonymous said...

Yay for air conditioner's. It is hot and humid here, so I really appreciate them. Every time I walk outside though my glasses fog up. I am curious what you are thinking about ipod's. What about mp3 players in general?


Adam said...

I have no air conditioner. It is hell.

Kyle Stich said...

Adam - I read your blog and do not envy you. It made me feel guilty for putting in a second AC unit. The Ashlanders are freakin' hot, man. I hope you have a downstairs apartment at least.

Adam said...

I'm downstairs and on the end. It's the best place to be during the summer because there's no one above me and no one below. But it's still pretty unbearable during those afternoon hours.