03 July 2005

Send Me Mail

I took the initial steps to creating my business, including the obtainment of a post office box. If you read this blog, please send me a confirmation letter or postcard to the following address:

Rogue Writing
PO Box 3242
Ashland, OR 97520

I picked up my ceramics yesterday. A couple pieces didn't turn out like I hoped. The Invader Zim head cookie jar and his house ended up with a matte finish instead of gloss. I also have to wait for two more tooth pots. I decided to go with a raku fire on those, so my instructor needs to check with the fire department first. Raku firing means heating the ceramics up until they glow red, then placing them in something combustible like paper or wood chips. It creates an interesting effect. In the meantime, enjoy the above collages of the work I did this last term.

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