13 August 2005

Been Building

I know it's been some time since last I posted, but I've been building a Website for my writing service — ROGUE WRITING. I bought the domain a couple months ago, but never got a site or server. My Internet provider tells me the free site that comes with my service isn't actually a site, but a page, and I have to pay twenty bucks a month to set up a business account. So, I'm going with another server for my business.

I also broke down and ordered a laptop from Dell, the Inspiron 6000. It was a tough decision, not because the laptop lacked, but because my boss would have preferred I bought a Mac.

I couldn't do it; too many more people use PCs. Plus, the cost couldn't be beat.

I'll probably be looking into buying a copy of InDesign, as that is the program most of the publishing industry goes with these days.

Look for my business site coming in the next couple days; I'll announce its inception once it's up.


theresa said...

Let us know how you like your Dell laptop. I've been procrastinating about a computer decision for about 6 months. I'm pretty sure I'm going with Dell, and I want a laptop, but I need to sell the whole idea to my partner.

Robert Casserly said...

If you have any questions about the HTML code or other tech stuff for your new website, I'll be glad to help--assuming I know the answer or how to find it.



Kyle Stich said...

The laptop was delivered right before I left to Reno for a wedding, so I haven't had the chance to check it out fully yet. I was quite tempted to use other people's wireless networks though; there are four in my general vicinity.