18 August 2005

How They See Us

As we're staying with our friends in Reno, we have the pleasure of spending time with their cat, Chloe.

Chloe is a rescued feline, saved from a person who threw her off a building. Let's say she has trust issues. She yowls frequently. She evil-eyes passer-bys half the time and ignores them the other half. Well, maybe those statistics are incorrect; she does pay careful attention about ten percent of the time—like today.

As my friend and I moved the air mattresses, blankets, and pillows around, Chloe sauntered over only enough for us to move the items. Her eyes belayed incredulity, amazement that we bipeds spend so much of our time moving stuff around.

I looked her directly in those eyes and told her we do indeed spend much of our time moving things. She stared for a moment, yowled at me, and left me for having the audacity to address her.


theresa said...

For such an audacious one, you are mightily empathetic.

Anonymous said...

LOL, man you gotta love a cat. So wise their eyes appear. Don't though stare too long into them, they summins you to sleep. Like a cat, a cat nap if you will. I think I too would skurry about, suddenly for no apparent reason, had I had me a few "cat naps" today. lol

robert said...

Many formerly-abused or traumatized cats benefit from a mild relaxant called Rescue Remedy.


This stuff really works. I don't know HOW it works, but it does. We've used it at the Shelter on cats for years.