23 September 2005

Shaping Jefferson State's Taste

I live in a mythical state filled with a surplus of artists, writers, and musicians. A subculture of music persists in this mythical state known as Jefferson, and I contribute that subculture to one man: Eric Alan.

Eric has served as Jefferson Public Radio's music director for nigh on a decade, selecting what I (and many in this region) consider the finest in Alt-Rock, Alt-Country, Reggae, World Beat, Jam, Bluegrass, singer/songwriter, Celtic, emerging, Jazz, and Blues. You name it, he plays it — excluding pop music that already receives its fair share of air time.

His tastes pre-date but resemble online music beauty Radio Paradise. For all of you who live outside the State of Jefferson, I invite you to visit the JPR Website to download the streaming audio of Eric's morning show, Open Air, which airs between 9:00am and 3:00pm PST. Choose the "Rhythm & News" player, download, and listen. You won't be disappointed, unless you're looking for some 50 Cent, Brittany Spears, or Tool.

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