20 September 2005

Write For This Blog!

Throughout the summer, I noticed a few blogs where non-owners posted content — Kasey Mohammad's poetry blog, {lime tree}, for instance. I thought about how that sort of turned his blog into more of an e-zine, then thought how fun it would be to feature other writers on my own blog.

So, who's interested in writing for this blog? For all who read it regularly, you already know that subjects vary greatly but tend to steer back toward discussions of writing. Do you have something you want to say? Whether an exposition of the work of Jane Austen or an expose of the political campaign to remove sexual education from public schools, whether a gentle fictional story about your love for the sky or a raunchy erotic poem about your fixation with troll dolls as applied to sexual practice, I want to post your work. Of course, I will edit anything before posting it.

Send in your stuff. Let's see what you have. Maybe you can't or won't post something on your blog, because it lacks an edge or has too much of an edge for your usual readers. Maybe your readers expect you to save that fluffy poetry or prose for your journals. Whatever the case, send it in, and we'll see about getting it up.


Rell said...

i just stumbled onto your blog, but what kind of topics do you usually discuss? I see the post said anything but I'm sure there are couple of things that have been discussed most often, no?

Kyle Stich said...

Hi Rell, and welcome to rogue writing. No one topic has been discussed more often than any other. Although, the content does gel together under the rubric of creativity, especially as expressed through poetry and prose.

theresa said...

This is a great idea. I don't have anything in mind right now, but I hope to see other people take advantage of your offer.

Mr. B said...

How did you find out about the troll doll thing? Anyway, sounds like a good idea.