11 October 2005

One Liners

Have you ever heard something, some tidbit of vocal inspiration, some word or phrase that sticks to you, refusing to leave your mind until you've thoroughly exhausted it?

I have and I just shook it:

a kilt and a candle

There's nothing to it really. Just a mere five words, three of which are pretty insubstantial. But, there's something there, salting the words together into a bewitching blend of consonance and assonance. The phrase starts hard and finishes smooth. The images beg for connection yet do so with natural elegance.

One line, one fragment creates a poem in itself, a poem created from the description of a moment: my neighbor walking out of his place with a kilt and a candle. Removed from its context, the fragment gains meaning beyond the denotative.

Have you ever had a piece of language lodged in your brain? What was it? Why was it so attractive to you?

1 comment:

Robert Casserly said...

All the time! A sample...

seeds are dangerous

copper-colored quarter moon

jazz and coffee in a cup