03 November 2005

Bearing Burdens

Two weeks fly South for the winter
Leaving the pauper to hack on bad luck
No time for haikus

The hand of a leaf
splitting and sifting the air,
— The blueness of breath!

King of Hearts with supressed grin
All Saints' Day spent in slumber
Mom sent Gen II rainbow afghans

Blogland left to miss
as rogue waltzed with reality 'til dawn
then crashed 'til Thor's day

Enigmatic purple prose
from one who dances with the devil
in the muddy Mississippi near
Delta Blues lady who once knew
Etta James and BB King
Lucille, clear as a ringing anvil
on a crisp winter day.

*from Ann Atwood's Haiku: The Mood of the Earth (Charles Scribner's Sons 1971) This haiku got me through the most overwhelming of times. It helped me breathe.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad something helped you breathe. Thanks for the great comments, I hope you have weathered the storm ok. You know what they say "if you're going through hell, keep going" --I can't remember who said that, but it always makes me laugh :)


Robert Casserly said...

That's a Winston Churchill quote.

Kyle Stich said...

SS - I don't think the saying comes from Dante's Inferno but it sures seems like it should.

RC - Thanks for your amazing ability to remember the quotables. Do you know if there are any books with nothing but Churchill quotes?

Robert Casserly said...

There is such a book. On Amazon, search for "Winston Churchill Quotations" by Winston S. Churchill.