08 November 2005

Plagiarized Material

I stole the following comment from a.lobster. I wrote it, but I stole complete sentences from Jessica Rowan's excellent writing blog. I hope she doesn't sue:

Kyle Stich said:
Where do I find inspiration? I don't find inspiration; it finds me.

More than anything, it comes from doing things that open your mind to inspiration, doing things like reading something you've never read before, in meditating in a different-yet-satisfying way, or even walking home down a different street.

Once I have something inspirational I write it down, and as I write, I experience even more inspiration. Switching it up can definitely make inspiration new?

When I dig into old writings and old ideas scribbled on little scraps of paper and wondering where I can go next, I follow the path that pulls me down it the hardest. If that be the scenic route, the scary route, or the route that requires me to walk on my hands, I go there. I may never be satisfied with each path after I've traveled it, but I go there anyway.

When I've cornered myself and don't know where to go with everything that's vital to me, and all that I have are old ways of saying old things, but I don’t want to lose everything old in the process of making it fresh, I look within for an answer.

I attempt to find out why I can't get out of my rut and find new expression for an old idea. Have I truly distanced myself from the idea enough to see it with fresh eyes? After all, if the idea had longevity I should be able to retain everything old.

But sometimes, when I really want to crystallize that idea, I see it through someone else's eyes.

Other times, I write it down just as it comes to me because those olds words are subject to revision...the key to greatness, or so I'm told.

Other times, I lean on others to help me, to give me other ideas for keeping it fresh, pointing out cliche and sentimentality. Find someone, anyone to read your old words and tell you they're crap and they'd be much better if you only...

Lastly, I ask myself why, oh, why do I really need to hold onto the idea, to see it crystallize? What makes it so vital? And, do I really want to box something so vital into an 8.5 x 11 prison to lose its vitality?


theresa said...

I was just thinking about the very same topic this morning. Were you sending messages to my head?

Kyle Stich said...

You can thank Jessica Rowan for sparking this post, Theresa. But, maybe your keyed into my brainwaves; watch out for uncensored material being broadcast to the aether.

Anonymous said...

You (and Jessica) have put into words what I feel everyday. So how do we deal with this inspiration, if we feel like we might be imprisoning some gentle, tender being? I am not sure, but still I continue to write. Go figure.

Robert Casserly said...

Random idea of the day:

I wish there were a blog I could go to and easily find a list of all these cool Ashland-based blogs that are springing up. So many good blogs out there...just discovered Jessica's and Mariah's thanks to this your latest post... but so little time to try and find them all...maybe Rogue Writing could organize a web ring of Ashland-based blogs?

Jess said...

I am so telling on you!

theresa said...

Wow Kyle! I got the other messages too. Geez! Give a girl some warning. I was driving to work and nearly went in the ditch.