14 November 2005

Rogue Valley Writers, Ink.

In response to Robert's and Jessica's desire to have an online gathering place for writers in Ashland, I created Rogue Valley Writers, Ink. Please follow the link to learn more. Let's forge a writing community of our own.

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Anonymous said...


I love that this is happening. I think it is a great thing. I was slightly dissappointed though, when I tried to post--you have anonymous comments blocked. I can understand that given the nature of the project, so I just wanted to say Kudos here.

Thank you so much for the comment on my poem. I realized once again how much I value your oppinion. Yes, I did have an Ewok stuffed animal when I was little, he looked like the one that finds Princess Lea in the movies. I am not sure wheter or not I still have it (it might be in a box in my parents storage shed.)

Hope all is well, and I will try to keep emailing and leaving you notes, no matter how busy I am.