07 January 2006

Sowing Seeds

Some of you may have wondered why I've been so inactive, others may think the holiday season is to blame. But the truth of the matter is that my life got run over by a tempest. Now, I won't share my story with you, but I will share some of the resolutions that birthed from my tumultuous end of year, but in poetic verse:

Seek change within
validate yourself
strive for selfishness
encourage happiness

Seek change without
listen better
advise less
encourage happiness

Seek change together
voice worries and complaints
blame less
encourage happiness

Seek change apart
spend more time with others
forge fulfilling friendships
encourage happiness

Seek change for growth
alter subduing patterns
fatten bank rolls
encourage happiness

Seek change for brood
play more often in woods
gain knowledge through exploration
encourage happiness

Seek the better good
allow seeds planted after the storm
to sprout
to blossom
to fruit
then harvest a new crop
of strange but nourishing food
grown on our renovated homestead
come tooth and nail
encourage happiness



Jess said...

Happy 2006 Kyle! Glad to see you back. Thanks for the beautiful thoughts on a Monday morning.

Adam said...

Happy New Year, Kyle.

theresa said...

Very glad to see you back. Your poem is inspiring. I hope whatever you've been struggling with is the worst part of your year.

Kyle Stich said...

Thanks to hear from all the well wishers. Something inside tells me this is going to be a pivotal year for me.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year!

FYI, beginning in February, this is the Year of the Dog, so it may be a ruff year for us all, make no bones about it.