21 February 2006

A Terrible Power

Goddess Gaia cries from terrible
Georgy kissing gecko lying
deep in tall wagging grasses
slithering snaking tongues forcing
tunneling to the caverns of her
soul bound rocky to the core

Milking Mother weeps from great
Porgy pecking lizard lapping
far into fathomless gaping gashes
slathering slipping lips slamming
morosing to the depths of her
heart tied tight to the vein

Wicked lizard
Sinful snake
Reptilian draconian
crawl slide slip sneak snake
veils lift lovers above dirt
winds blow delusioned apit
made for fools to discover
homes of honest treachery
homes of true danger
and risk living life in love
love the flexible
shapeshifting teller of hurtful truth
choose its path and grieve
flee its course and grieve

"It's a lose-lose situation, baby.
At least, the river won't run dry."

* I wrote this poem after reading a series of poems in Gary Snyder's collection called No Nature. I hoped to play with the sounds while hitting upon some emotional state, although I think only the title conveys the narrator's feelings.


Anonymous said...

Good poem. I gots a soft spot for lyrical poetry.

I'd like to borrow No Nature sometime, if you don't mind.


Kyle Stich said...

Thanks, Robert.

No Nature is a library loaner. I'll let you know when I return it, or if Amanda's there, I'll have her check it out for me.