06 June 2006

How Do You Sign Off?

I've written a ton of letters lately, both personal and professional. As I approach the end of each one, I'm left with the task of "signing off." The list that follows contains some of my standards and when I am most prone to using them:

1. Best, - My most common end line before my name, used for all forms of correspondence regardless of audience.

2. Respectfully, - Used for letters of a more sensitive nature.

3. Warmest regards, - Common back up in case I've used the line "The best to you and yours" in a letter.

4. Peace in inspiration, - Used only with those whom I have developed an "artistic" relationship with, and used only occasionally.

What is your most commonly used closer?


JacksonCountyNonprofits.org said...

I use "Together in Service," for my nonprofit-related work.

I use good ol' dependable "Thank You," all the time, too, especially whenever I'm asking someone to do something

KevinRD said...

I don't sign off, I just leave them waiting for more.

Skylar Suste said...

All Me,

-Skylar Suste

Anonymous said...

I also have an ol trusty all my love, amanda (ak)

JayneSays said...

I use a "Fondly" for my fondest friends when I'm not simply saying "Love,"

"Best" sometimes for my pre-fondly friends.

"Very truly yours" for legal correspondence (industry affect, what can I say?)

I love your home town!!!

Kyle Stich said...

Thanks for sharing, Jayne. I've grown quite fond of Ashland as well. It's not originally my hometown (Anchorage, AK is where I was raised), but I sure have laid claim to it as such.

I like the "fondly," as it seems to provide a warm touch (literally) to your close. Almost like receiving a hug upon departure.