21 July 2006

Which News Clip Is True?

Below, you can read two news clipping. I created both from some truth floating around in the media ether; however, one suffers far more embellishment than the other, to the point of making the story false. Which of the two stories do you believe reports something true?

New Orleans — Hollywood sweetheart Anne Hathaway starts shooting her breakaway film today in the Big Easy. Joining forces with her fellow screen actors, Hathaway accepted her upcoming role in order to help rejuventate the economy in New Orleans. Hathaway will play the starring role of Mistress Payne in the movie Orchids Bloom in the Dark. No, this is not the sequel to the hit comedy of the nineties, "Major Payne." Hathaway's breakaway role plummets her into the seedy underworld of New Orleans' pleasure clubs.

"I wanted to take on a role that expresses who I really am, free of all the Disney crap," Hathaway told Entertainment News. Hathaway professes that most of her life she has hidden her kinky side from the media. "Do you really think I could keep working in film if I let my fans know that I love the feel of latex on my skin, or the crack of a whip?" Hathaway admits that although she's symbolically made people in her life (fans, producers, directors) lick her boots, nothing quite compares to seeing it literally happen.

Orchids Bloom in the Dark is set to premiere November 2007. For more information, visit www.orchidsbloominthedark.com.

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Seattle, Wa. — "It's Not Logical, Captain. Mr. Spock's A Perv!" So declared the picket signs outside an unnamed art gallery in downtown Seattle. The exhibit? The Erotic Photography of Leonard Nimoy. You read that right. The actor who played TV's coldest, most unfeeling character loves the female form. For decades, Nimoy has explored the sensuality of women. Mostly shot in black and white, Nimoy focuses on curves and often infuses science fiction into the models scant attire.

His photographs don't display anything lewd — an exposed nipple here, a full breast shot there — but his fans are in an uproar. His two most well-known series, the Borghese and the Shekhina series, hearken too closely to Vulcan iconography for the ardent Star Trek afficionado. "It's not right to capitalize on the show that made him famous, at least not with smut like that," says one protestor pointing to an enlarged picture from Nimoy's exhibit depicting a woman stretching a flaxen cloth across her face, breasts blurred for public decency.

Fans of Nimoy's erotic photos don't understand what all the fuss is about. One patron admitted that he never knew that Nimoy was an actor, author, or producer: "To tell the truth, I can't stand Star Trek."

Nimoy was unavailable for comment, but his agent had this to say: "This whole scene goes to show how carried away fans can get. Leonard's not a Vulcan; he's a human being filled with passion."

To learn more about Nimoy's work, visit www.lilithgallery.com/arthistory/photography/arthistory_leonardnimoy.html

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So folks, which one of these stories is most true? Hathaway or Nimoy?

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Anonymous said...

I am just guessing here, but I'd say the Nimoy thing is the more true.

Surely the Princess can't be a boot licker! That'd be just too wrong.