10 October 2006

Admit You Don't Know!

I'm fuming right now. Once again, one of my fellow co-workers — no, scratch that — one of my "supervisors" continues to scan my emails and IMs for keywords. S/he does so with an eye at seeking my question so s/he can give me an answer.

Even if s/he doesn't know the answer, s/he still sends me one.

Each response I receive contains such overriding condescending tones that it makes me want reply with some equally as snide of a reply that basically says:
"It's okay to admit that you don't know."
Personally, I have far more respect for the person who admits that they don't know something, or who admits that they're guessing at the answer, or who admits that they'll need to research it further.
Speak well; Listen closely.

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