13 October 2006

For Steve Ryan & His Party House

That's not Art;
that's inebriated rambling.


Jess said...

But can't inebriated rambling be art sometimes, too?

Also, does Art = art, or are we talking two different things here?

Just some thoughts.

Kyle Stich said...

Oh, don't get me wrong. I like the statements Steve and his housemates make when they throw a pile of concrete-riddled mattress springs on their front lawn with some outrageous price tag. I like that they stir up this town with their trash-filled front yard.

They like to think of what they do as Art (vs. art), or at least a parody of it.

The thing I've noticed, though, is that their Art and/or political statements appear overnight, after a night of heavy drinking (i.e. "inebriated rambling").

So, can inebriated rambling be considered art? I guess so, I mean think about Van Gogh, et al.

Do I enjoy look at the dump being built in those drunk bastards front yard? No way! It's garbage, guys. Just 'cause you evoke the Dadaists and the like doesn't mean you're artists.

Ultimately, Art is and always shall be a subjective matter. If they and others think their inebriated ramblings are Art, all the more power to them.

And thanks for busting my chops on this, Jess. (I mean that, too.)

A.S. Galvan said...

Did you happen to see the pumpkins they carved for Halloween this year? I thought "Kill Whitey" in the one was funny.

Kyle Stich said...

I saw the pumpkins from a distance, but nothing in detail. I love those guys spirit, they never lack in the irony department.