04 October 2006

The New Project

Those who've known me for some time, know my penchant for erotica. I have noticed a large sector of folks living in the Rogue Valley who possess an amazing talent for erotic endeavors, and I don't mean those just running around and "playing."

For a few years, I've had the dream of starting a magazine or annual book that highlights the erotic talent of those in the Rogue Valley.

Visit Rogue Erotica to check out the skeletal structure of the ezine. I'm certain that it will take a year or two to take off. Now, I need to work on building the ezine and on advertising it without furrowing too many brows.

I suspect my greatest problem will revolve around acquiring submissions, around convincing contributors that I will maintain their anonymity. I do, after all have access to a terrific pen name generator they can use. I have even adopted a pen name for the project: Elton Anderson.

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