23 October 2006

Younger and Younger

One prevailing ad trend gets more severe every passing year. Sex sells, especially young sex. Now, trends are shifting. From the Yahoo! singles ads that feature "real people," to the Dove ads that promote a heftier, healthier female form. But one trend persists: young people selling sex.

You can't really google anything, it seems, without getting back at least one FREE TEEN SEX result. Of course, "teen" means eighteen or older, right? Right. These sites may correctly claim that their models are "at least 18 years of age," but the women they depict look younger and younger.

Sure, you may say that's because I'm getting older. And I have to admit that women in their thirties, forties, and fifties never looked so good. But, look at the picture to the right. She doesn't look a day over thirteen to me. Is this acceptable, even if she is of legal adult age? Is this alright, or am I just exaggerating here?

Keep in mind, this photo is clipped from and ad for one of the top five online dating sites, a site that does NOT allow any nude pictures or profiles for those engaged in alternative sexual lifestyles outside of the gay and lesbian community.


A.S. Galvan said...

Looks about 15 or 16 to me.

This weird hypersexualized thing we're doing to very young women bothers me.

Anonymous said...

She looks anything from 15 to 25 to me. But i would give her 19-20. I guess it depends on the area you are from. There are dozens of women 18-23 here the look even better than the one in this pic

Kyle Stich said...

Yep, so it's sounding like my age is making them look younger these days. Either way, it's just slighty disturbing to see this kind of imagery, especially since the sight in question so heavily says it's not a sex site. Yet they use ads like this to entice people.