24 January 2007

Bush's New Stategy

I rarely wax political on this blog, but I can't restrain on this one.

Most of us are well aware that Bush's new blind-sighted agenda for the Iraq incursion involves a "surge" or "boost" in US troops. As Commander-in-Chief, he unfortunately has the right to make that happen. I don't agree with it, most of the US public disagrees with it, and Congress is wise enough to challenge this new tactic.

But, Bush is more clever than he appears.

He feels strongly that the plan will work and will send the troops with or without Congressional funding. So how is this clever? Well, if the surge doesn't work, he can not only blame Congress for refusing to finance the troop increase, but can also cite that lack of funding as the source of increased deaths. How very slick. Either way, he can continue to point fingers at everyone except himself.

You go, King George! It's a good thing your pop bought that land in that South American country that promised to harbor war criminals; you'll have a safe haven for when the ax finally falls.

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TPS said...

good point--hence the non-binding resolution grinding through congress these days. maybe it's the misinterpretation of patriotism that screws the troops: bush has his pet war that he's not going to kill off regardless of what happens--so if congress refuses funding, then congress gets hung politically, not bush 1.2.

concerning this non-binding resolution: i call this congressional step a strategic misreading. people know deep down that patriotism is not about supporting your president; it's about loving what makes your country great. and honestly, patriotism is not about supporting your troops. war isn't a fricking basketball game where you show your allegiance by wearing school colors. war is about killing enough people on the other side that they can't field a team to oppose your world views.

this non-binding resolution is rather wimpy. that's the point. it intentionally misreads the iraq crisis in order to unite the disparate grand narratives that are dividing our country.

so the non-binder is a story congress tells itself to get folks on both sides of the aisle to the same table. who knows? maybe if enough politicos sign off on this resolution, then perhaps we can hit the 2008 elections on an even playing field.

mr. kyle stitch: i was sitting in my revision workshop the other evening, and the prof took a reasonably interesting conversation into the muck by bringing up the subject of writerly names. out of the blue, yours came to mind. kyle stitch--it just sounds good, doesn't it?

unlike my name. josh suchman works fine, if people can pronounce it. if they miss--childhood trauma, galore.

anyway, i hope your post-sou life is running smoothly, and that ashland still smells better than boston.


joshua p. suchman
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