10 May 2007

Teaching Poetry Spring 2007: Lesson #8 — Place Poems

Today, we gathered up our "Life Story Collection" worksheets and wrote some place poems. The process is simple:
  1. Fill in a worksheet with things common to your life. Things included family, objects, foods, sports and recreation, plants, people, sounds, etc.
  2. Write a poem and begin each line with "I am from...", then fill in the rest with an item or items from the list.
What's left is a poem that sounds like such:
I am from cookies and roses
I am from AC/DC and Maroon5
I am from Sally and Ted
The students were encouraged to expand and play with the form, something like this:
I am from cookies and roses,
fresh and sweet
and tended by mom.
Not many of the students expanded, but most created really cool poems.

* This entry is post-dated from 8 May 2007

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