13 January 2008

Website Design Competition

If you're an aspiring website designer, you're not going to want to miss out on this new web design competition: Iron WebMaster!

The Iron WebMaster competition is a website design contest modeled after the hit TV show "Iron Chef." Like the TV show, contestants are given a theme that they must incorporate into their design. The competition consists of 5 rounds of increasing complexity. Prizes will be awarded throughout the competition at the end of each round, and a grand prize winner, the Iron WebMaster, crowned at the conclusion of all rounds. Winners will be chosen by a combination of popular votes received from site visitors and a select panel of judges.

Round 1
begins Tuesday, 15 January 2008. If you want in on this exciting new web design competition, Sign Up today!

Don't let missing a round stop you from signing up. You can still take the title of Iron WebMaster.


Anonymous said...

Hey there. I blogged for a while (Jayne from Jayne Says
http://happy.blogs.com/) and enjoyed reading your blog. I recently moved to Ashland and remembered the Rogue Valley writers and wanted to drop you a
line to say hi! E-mail me if you want stephjmd at gmail dot com (couldn't find your e-mail on your blog)

NathanKP said...

Very funny. It sounds suitably nerdy, I may just want to enter!

NathanKP - The Ink Weaver Collection - Writing Blog

Anonymous said...

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