24 March 2008

Netflix and Blockbuster Save the Post Office

For the past decade, we've witnessed the Postmaster General raising the price of stamps. The United States Post Office has cited a decline in demand for good old fashioned letter service as the main reason. With less people sending snail mail, less money flows in to maintain daily operations.

Now, forget the fact that direct marketing campaigns flood our boxes with junk, or that magazine subscriptions seem to be on the rise. Then there's the rise in online shopping (and no, UPS and FedEx are not the only companies delivering the goods). However, a new trend that is hitting video stores where it hurts may just be bringing new life to the postal service: DVD mailers!

The two top services are Netflix and Blockbuster, with the former touting "over a billion movies delivered to homes" in radio ads. That equates to a lot of cash for the post office.

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Anonymous said...

Netflix daily in and out of the Ak! The good ole USPS is making some dough