09 April 2008

More Mistakes Foodies Make

As a continuation of "Are Foodies Fascists?," MSN posted an article that slaps hardcore foodies in the face, not to mention all the mindless followers who like to declare: "But, it's organic!"

To read the article, click here.


Anonymous said...

how can i general email this to my people? It is awesome and this is a debate i have been having with a lot of people- J

Kyle Stich said...

Hi J,
To email this post to your people, click the icon that looks like an envelope found at the bottom of the post and next to the "comment" link.

I was stoked when I saw MSN post this story. In Ashland, the organic types are like an army. You're sort of an outcast here if you don't shop at high price stores that carry mostly organic foods. Funny thing is that most of the brands they buy are the ones mentioned in the MSN article. LOL