18 April 2008

Teaching Poetry Spring 2008: Part 3 of Taboo Shape Poems

Today's third and final part to the Taboo Shape Poem workshop was pretty simple:
  1. Bring in 2 typed copies of revised taboo poem.
  2. Cut the poem into strips, line by line, trimming off the white space at the beginning and ends of the lines. (Cut up only one of the copies; the other is for reference.)
  3. Draw the silhouette of an image that you want to represent your poem. (ex. balloon, lips, book, sword)
  4. Layout the strips of the taboo poem on top of the silhouette until satisfied, then glue the strips down.
That was it, and the results varied greatly - from a basic box to a kid riding in a shopping cart.

Although it gave me joy to work with the students, it was how the teacher, Andy Burt, could kick back and engage in the activity with his class, too.

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