07 May 2008

Customer Service 101: If You Know the Answer, It's Your Department

In the world of customer service, time is the most precious commodity. A customer doesn't have the patience for you to re-route their answers through "proper channels."

How many times have you stood in line at the DMV for an hour, only to get redirected to another teller or to fill out a different form or, even worse, to get a number?!

Sure, your company may have standardized ways to deal with support queries. Sure, SOP helps companies run efficiently and predictably.

Yet, if you are sure that you know the answer to the customer's question, then answer the question.

You might get tongue-whipped by your supervisor or a coworker. When that happens, humbly point them to the customer's reply that says something to the effect of "Thanks so much, [insert your name here]. You're truly an asset to your company. They should hire more people like you."

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