01 June 2008

Listen up, PETA. Eating Veggies Is Murder!

I've recently learned some pretty lousy things about PETA.
I'm not going to say that PETA hasn't done some terrific things, but the last point is very hypocritical. PETA likes to run on the platform that it is important for us to honor all life, yet they promote veganism.

Studies in the seventies revealed that although plants are not able to speak to us, their "energy fields" tell us a different story. One story (not available on the web, sorry) details an experiment in which researchers strapped some monitors like the ones hospital patients get to the leaves of banana tree plant. The place they set up the experiment was in a shared office space. The two co-workers had to take on an emotional role: one loving and gentle, the other angry and threatening. The monitor responded to each of their presences in distinctly different ways.

When the kind worker entered, the plants monitor surged in a smooth and pleasant way. In fact, the plant even seemed to anticipate the kind worker's eventual arrival. When the angry worker would enter, though, the plant's readings indicated panic.

The angry worker was instructed to carry a grudge against the plant which he would frequently vocalize. One day, the angry worker got so angry at the plant, he grabbed a pair of scissors and threatened to chop down the plant altogether. The plant's readings went out the roof, climbing with each increase in the worker's anger. The kind worker stopped him, then spoke soothing words to the plant and it's panicked readings dropped back to a place of peace.

Now, these readings could be due to all sorts of variables, but it would seem as though plants do indeed possess some sort of "conscious being." With that said, how can PETA claim to want to honor all life yet live out their lives eating plants.

Now, I know, we all have to eat something. But, I guess that's my point. Life is dependent on the death of other life. That's the way of the Universe, at least on our plane of existence. It's called the circle of life. One thing must die so that another may live. It's the harsh reality of our world. Just because something doesn't have eyes or move on its own doesn't mean it isn't a living being.


Anonymous said...

You think its because they don't have eyes??? And if thats the case what about The Potatoes. How can they eat the Potatoes? ----J

Kyle Stich said...

LOL - I did try to work the potato reference into the commentary, but couldn't seem to fit it without making it to clunky.

Then there's the corn, with its ears.