27 July 2008

Can Someone Explain This?

I know, I know. I bash on Seth Godin too much. I must reiterate that I actually do agree with most of what he proposes. Yet, some of his ideas are so out of left field that I have no idea where he's coming from. Take his "Promoting the promotion" post.

I'm not sure what Seth's getting at by having a problem with the sponsor of a promotion helping to promote the promotion.

He was so appalled that State Farm Insurance would have the audacity to promote an event they are sponsoring:

"This is how far we've come, how low we've sunk."

Really? Hasn't this been happening since the Po-Mo days of advertising? I don't get how this is a new low? I mean, I understand that they've done nothing to address how their involvement or the event itself doesn't address any real need or value. But this is nothing new.

Maybe you can explain what in the world Seth's griping about.

On a side note, he concludes with the statement that executives of the company that sponsors the event shouldn't be allowed to attend the event. ???? Why not? If I footed the bill for a party, I'd want to attend.

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