09 July 2008

Help Me Appreciate Martin Sexton

Let me start by saying that when it comes to singing, Martin Sexton has skills. He can sing in such a wide range that he's beyond skilled; he's a master. So, I can appreciate that aspect of his work.

What gets me about Martin Sexton is how he's all over the map in regards to his range. It's as though he thinks that if he doesn't sing through the entire scale, to let loose at all octaves, that he hasn't done his job as a singer. In the words of my youngest son, "Why does he think he has to show off all the time?"

That's about how I feel about it, too. There's no good reason to go all over the vocal map like Martin does. It's like all these female hip-hop artists who start nearly every one of their songs with that worn-out "Yea-aa-aaah!" or "Oooo-ooo-uuuu-aaah!" Do something original.

Speaking of original, I'm sorry, but Martin Sexton lacks originality. His "Black Sheep" song offers nothing new to the world of lyrics — with his mention of angels, of how his dad always told him what he needed to hear not what he wanted to hear, of how he thanks God Almighty, of how he's going to set his soul... wait for it, wait for it, here comes the cliché... free-eee-eeee!

Please, I want to appreciate him. After all, the unique Keller Williams likes to work with Martin. Now, there's a musician!

Here's a video of Martin Sexton performing "Black Sheep":

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