15 July 2008

Organic Does NOT Equal Bigger

My duplicitous neighbor proved his "sheeple" status the other day. No, he's not a Republican screaming to open offshore drilling. He would like to think of himself as quite liberal. After all, everything in his garden is organic.

Here's his statement that made me want to "baaaa" in his general direction:
"My strawberries are all so small. I don't understand where I'm going wrong. I used all organic soils and plants. It looks nice and rich, but they're sooo small."
It took all my strength not to point out how misguided he is in regards to "organic" practices. The main principle behind organic agriculture is quite simple: No pesticides, herbicides or GMO is used in the cultivation of plants. That's it!

My neighbor's statement had me wondering if he's ever shopped for organic produce. Walk through any store that offers organic produce and you note a marked difference in size and appearance. Apples, strawberries, cucumbers, asparagus — they are all smaller than their non-organic relations.

In addition, most organic produce isn't winning any beauty contests. They are usually malformed and contain the occasional signs of pest consumption. That's the trade-off for choosing to eat nutritious fruits and vegetables devoid of nasty chemical treatment.

How is it that so many sheeple have latched onto this notion that organic means that all aspects of the product are better?

Note: Yes, liberals can most definitely be "sheeple." A sheeple is one who blindly follows the flock, believing that the wisdom of their flock is infallibly the right one.

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