29 August 2008

2 Firsts, No Matter Who Wins the General Election

I am not voting for McCain. I refuse. But his pick in Vice Presidential candidates is exhilarating. McCain announced Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.

This little-known politician rounds off McCain's ticket in a way that is going to make it more difficult for Obama to win over swing voters. In choosing a woman running mate, I am certain that McCain is hoping to win over some angry Hillary Clinton supporters with his veep pick.

I have little positive to say about McCain, but I thank him for his pick. In choosing Palin as his vice-presidential candidate, he has created a win-win situation for all American voters who want to see a change in the "pedigree" of the White House administration.

My top concerns with McCain's pick? Nearly complete inexperience on this Alaskan Governor's part and the opening of ANWR. Alaska is a state most heavily tied into oil production, after all.

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