03 August 2008

Searchme.com Assessment - Part I Web Search

The following is Part I of my searchme.com assessment, a distinctly different search engine.

searchme.com is definitely an amazing way to search the web. Anyone using an old dial-up modem or some software from the Nineties might not have a good time with this search engine, but the presentation is awesome.

Instead of a list of links, you get a pretty nice size shot of the website. No more wondering what you’ll get when you hit the link — you see the site!

Each word of your search query is circled in its own color. When you move your cursor, the info pops up from the bottom of the block.

As for the results details… well, talk about “distinctly different.” searchme.com clearly states the source and the topic (ex. City of Los Angeles, California – Sunset Blvd), the first few lines of the page’s content, and lastly, the URL.

This is truly a new web search experience, that I think I might just like. Check out searchme.com and let me know what you think.

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