30 January 2009

A Requested Poem - "For Hatchetman"

For Hatchetman
Our busted brother denied of his colors, Hatchetman
Jumped through hoops, played the game and never ran
Spent more than enough money to pay for his probation
Enough even to feed some Third World Nation

Now with all his penalties, time and fees paid
Hatchetman can put behind him the consequence of that raid
Now if only he can erase every cops' memories
Of the style and cut of Jolene's panties

30 January 2009

Note: This poem was written for a friend to give to a friend of hers who I didn't know. Rhyming poems are my weakest form of poetry writing, so this was quite a challenge. I had to sleep on it. The last two lines are a revised version of the running joke between Hatchetman and his buddies.

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