23 April 2009

Satirize Your Rants

I know, I know. Too many months ago, I said that I was going to take a new tack in regards to writing on this blog. In the tradition of "The Onion," I was going to write biting satirical pieces to vent my rage over certain things I read about... FAIL!

When it comes down to it, I'm afraid. That's right; I'm afraid to rant even via satire on this blog for fear that I will turn off too many of my readers. I always fear that I'll upset some of my neighbors and friends. It's time to get over that fear. In the meantime, I'd like to invite you to vent your rants in the form of satire, too!

WebRing recently launched a ring contest system that allows it's premium members to create and host contests. I decided to take advantage of their new system and created this contest:

Satirize Your Rants
Yeah! We know you're livid right now. Instead of griping, why not poke fun at the source of your anger?Turn your rants into a clever piece of satire.

Submission Rules
So you want to show us just how irreverent your rage can turn when you give it a twist of humor? Knock our socks off! Your entry should be...
  • Free of author angst
  • Written in 3rd person
  • Read like something from "The Onion"
  • Make us laugh our butts off!!!
No topic is off-limits. But please refrain from gratuitous graphicness and keep your entries under 1000 words in length.

First day to submit: 03/16/09
Last day to submit: 07/01/09
Contest judging ends: 07/31/09

Flash Fiction Contest

"I feel guilty when..."
Not into ranting? Here's a contest hosted by WebRing themselves. Here are the details...

Flash Fiction contestFlash fiction - a story told with few words, a powerful piece of prose. Your challenge, should you accept, is to finish this sentence in 250 words or less: "I feel guilty when..."

Submission Rules
We will assume all entries as fiction, but you may submit a true confession. Entries must be free of typos and must not exceed 250 words in length. Mature entries are allowed, but nothing explicitly violent or sexually graphic will be approved.

First day to submit: 04/08/09
Last day to submit: 06/01/09
Contest judging ends: 06/30/09

You do NOT have to be a member of WebRing to participate in these two contests. You can find an updated list of the latest contests created by members here.

Hope to see at least a couple submissions from my writing amigos!

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