22 May 2009

Chalk Up Another Win for the Power of the Internet

Those hilarious dudes at CollegeHumor.com have been purposely flexing their influence lately.

Making online headlines today is the story of how an "uncool" shirt of three wolves baying at the moon skyrocketed to the top selling item list on Amazon.com. We've all seen tee shirts like this, and many of us might even have one kicking around in our drawers or closets, a forgotten souvenir from a trip to a State Park or wildlife-rich state.

So how did this average shirt knock Crocs and Adidas off their Amazonian pedestal? An outgoing link intentionally placed on CollegeHumor.com

Fans of "The Onion" and "Saturday Night Live" would generally get a kick out of the humor found on this site created by two high school buddies years ago.

This isn't the first time CollegeHumor.com has influenced the rankings of something. Just a few months ago, "The site urged its readers to vote for what it deemed the most boring [new license plate] design available to Nebraska drivers. That gray-and-white plate won."

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