03 May 2009

Miller Lite Issues PC Users Cease and Desist Orders

The loudest sectors of the Windows vs. Mac fans were hit with a cease and desist letter from the Miller Brewing Company (MBC).

MBC contends that the hardware of any PC, regardless of its operating system, is essentially the same. As the gap between the top two operating systems (Mac and Windows) continue to close to similitude, the whole debate has become a matter of personal preference.

"We hadn't realized how closely these rabid fans had come to completely violating our well-known slogan," said MBC's CEO. "One day, one of our IP lawyers overheard an employee from accounting arguing with another from the advertising department about which of them had the superior computing system."

According to the account, the two were rabid with each other. When an IT employee who is a avid supporter of Linux systems walked by the two, he is reported as having said, "Apples. Oranges. They're both fruit. 'Tastes great... Less filling!'"

Despite calls from both Microsoft and Apple for MBC to terminate the cease and desist order, the Miller Brewing Company refuses to grant their request.

This story is completely fictional and meant as satire.

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