30 October 2009

Town Bans All Peach Pictures

The mayor and City Council of Sweethome, Alabama, held an emergency session this week. The topic on hand was any form of advertising that includes an illustrated peach. Town officials claim that advertisers intentionally use sexually charged angles and exaggeration of the fruit's signature crack to sell more product.

In his formal statement, Mayor Joe "The Evangelist" Jones said, "This is a wholesome town, an All-American God-fearing town. We won't stand by as companies slyly try to use sex to sell their wares."

Advertisers are up in arms over the claims. Most of the brands with the offending images are from major distributors. They explain that the images are drawn in ways that will automatically register as a peach, not in ways that elicit lust.

CEO John Lyman of the Yummy Yogurt company said, "Look, you got to be some sort of perv to get turned on by walking through the food aisles at your local grocer."

Most Sweethome stores have circumvented the law by covering the images with large stickers.

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