03 February 2010

Hyperlocal Hero — Maya Seligman

If you primarily listen to commercial radio stations, you're not likely tapping into a hyperlocal broadcast.

Public Radio has long provided quality shows that feature local figures, issues and entertainment. Still, the majority of programming heard on most Public Radio stations originate from distant locations.

Not exactly "pirate" radio, a few small stations continue to eek out enough funding and garner enough volunteers to bring exceptionally hyperlocal programming.

KSKQ-LP in Ashland, Oregon, is just such a station. Their tagline is: "Ashland, Oregon's Low-Powered Community Radio"

KSKQ's primary mission is to empower "community and strengthens local culture through inclusive programming by providing a forum for artistic expression and social issues."

Maya Seligman Empowers Her Listeners
One community member took up KSKQ's rallying cry and turned it up a notch. Throughout the week and during her show, DJ Maya Seligman invites her listeners to suggest the following week's theme.

Her themes have ranged from the color red to the word "you" to international cities. She primarily uses her page on KSKQ's site (http://www.kskq.org/maya/) and her Facebook page to communicate with her listeners and to take their suggestions.

Her show exemplifies how hyperlocalism works and how much more engaging hyperlocal coverage can be.

Her show, actually all programs on KSKQ, are funded solely by generous donations. Making profits is not the primary goal of this station or the DJs who volunteer their time.

KSKQ and Maya are creating hyperlocal content the right way, in an engaging manner that keeps listeners returning week after week.

Here's to my hyperlocal hero of the week - Maya Seligman!

To listen in to Maya's past and future broadcasts, visit http://www.kskq.org/maya/ New shows air from 2:00-3:00 PM (PST) every Friday.

If you live close enough, you can listen in during broadcast on 94.9 FM. Everyone, no matter where you may live, can listen in at http://www.kskq.org.

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