09 February 2010

What the Na'vi Could Learn from Jake Sully

After Jake Sully completes his tests and becomes a man in the Omicataya tribe, he visits the trees of the ancestors with Netiriyi.

She tells him that now that he has become a man of "The People," he has the right to choose any tree from which to make his bow. Also, he may have his choice of any woman in the village.

Netiriyi, obviously suffering a heavy heart, names some of possible candidates that Jake might consider claiming as his mate.

After some playful jibing, Jake says, "I've already chosen, but she also needs to choose me."

Just as holds true on our own planet, no culture is perfect. No culture is rock solid noble and wise. The Na'vi may have been keyed into their planet, into their mother Eywa. But when it came to this practice of the Na'vi culture, it was obvious that women were considered secondary to men.

No one should be considered property that another can claim. This was perhaps the greatest lesson that the Na'vi could learn from Jake Sully.

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