09 August 2010

I Don't Always "Like" Facebook Updates that I Like

I also don't comment, every time I'd like. I would love to show support for some of the posts I read, but opt not to take any action. Why not?

The onslaught of comments and Likes that follow overwhelms me.

There's really not much more to it than that. When it comes to family members and friends with limited numbers of other active friends on Facebook, I will Like and comment without hesitation. Concerning fan pages like Tillamook Cheese or The Big Lebowski... Well, those are a different beast altogether.

Any post made on a personal or fan page with over 1,000 friends or fans is bound to garner a large number of Likes and comments. Like or comment on the update earlier than most, and you are guaranteed to receive a tsunami of notifications.

There must be some way to control whether you receive notifications for specific posts.

I'll work on figuring it out. It's my mission to find out. After all, I don't just Like any old musician, institution, album, product... If there is a way to Like or comment without receiving a billion notifications, I'll update this post to include the instructions.

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